In reality, Rajani was mortified that a picture like that was painted without her permission. "Subtle," she remarked under her breath, before shaking the Prime Minister's hand.
Blindsprings Annotation Nine
Posted Jul.22.14 at 12:14 am

A bit late!

Also a lot of text again!  I'll draw a big map for Thursday's update, everyone wanted a map!

(you should be happy, I hate drawing maps ughhhhhhhhhhhh)


Here's the whole page from the side-- I was going to include this as a full annotation but it doesn't really work with just four seals so I would have had to design dozens of seals and... I REALLY DON'T WANT TO YET. So pretend this is like page 10 of basic seals and NOT all seals are based on those four since that is wrong.

Everything is called a seal BTW-- the one they use on the Orphics is called the Great Seal and is the only seal you'd refer to as a Seal.



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