About Blindsprings

A magical adventure about lost princesses, ancient spirits, and growing up...

Princess Tamaura survived a revolution by making a seemingly Faustian deal with mysterious, masked spirits. Pledged to them for 300 years, Tammy is about to fulfill her pact when a young man finds her and decides that she is meant to be saved, whether she likes it or not. His "rescue" pulls Tamaura out of her timeless verdant sanctuary and into a world that has advanced without her ... where war is brewing over the same magic that flows through her veins. How will her return change this new world?

 Along with her friends Imogen and Street, Tammy encounters many strange and dangerous beings, who all want different things from her. Caught between what the Spirits want and what the different human groups want, Tammy must now find out for herself what is best for this new world, and what is best for her.

Blindsprings is an all-ages comic: a coming-of-age story about magic, trust, and endless fluffy hair.





About the Author

Kadi Fedoruk is a Vancouver-based artist, fascinated by folklore and passionate about animation and magical girls. Kadi especially enjoys young adult literature and hopes to empower readers with enchanting tales and backgrounds that are way too detailed.
Hiveworks is a creator-owned publisher and studio that has been heavily supporting webcomic artists since 2011. It’s staffed by people who really like magic and pretty colors.