Posted January 4, 2017 at 05:50 am



So I was cleaning my annotations (I expected to finish today! And then I'd be done my KS stuff barring the bookplates/commissions) and I get to annotation 17, the beginning of the (never updated) cast pages.

And the file is nowhere to be found. IDK if it glitched out or it was deleted in a purge but almost 10 pages are missing. 

I mean, I drew them too small originally anyway, so I would have had to fix them anyway, but now the only versions I have are the tiny websafe ones.

SO. I'll be updating like, every day this week with the new art because it needs to be done as quickly as I possibly can, and I don't want to do a poor job on the last couple pages of this chapter.

Tags: Tamaura, Tammy