Blindsprings Annotation Sixteen
Posted January 22, 2015 at 01:14 am
The secret(?) of Ember's gender revealed--non binary! AKA both. AKA neither.

The spirits are fundamentally genderless, and since civilization sprung up around that concept, the idea of a third gender (really, a non gender) is natural for this world. Though Tammy's family was toppled, it was within their own society, so not much has changed for people living in the middle of the gender scale.

The old gender neutral greeting was Sirram, but after toppling the monarchy, acquaintances and strangers refer to each other as citizens.

In other news, regular updates begin Tuesday, with the cover of Chapter Four being posted! Are you guys excited? I'm excited!!!

Edit: Should have mentioned that the third gender is called Onan. Wait that is apparently a biblical thing I don't want to reference, so instead I'm going with Duine which is a similar etymology but more importantly, means the same ding dang thing (one).
When I edit my comic for the kickstarter there may be minor changes to speech as it's polite to be gender neutral if you aren't sure before you've been introduced.
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