Happy Holidays!
Posted Dec.24.15 at 06:39 am

Merry Christmas Eve!!!

This month has been the busiest I've EVER been, wow! I'm travelling home for the holidays in about 7? Hours and will be away from my computer until tuesday so regular updates will commence on Thursday! 

My dad is getting a pass from the hospital like he's tiny tim (god bless us everyone etc) and we're going to see STAR WARS on sunday \o/ no spoilers I have been blessedly unaware of spoilers.

Actually relevent information:

Spirits are formed generally by reverence and belief, so pretty much any sort of weird superstition is going to have a spirit. Spirits tied to holidays are not as strong as singular spirits tied to physical objects (like the blarney stone would have an epic spirit) save for the days they are tied to. Mistletoe spirits act as cupids and can be a sign of great fortune if a spirit ties itself to a sprig of mistletoe, but can also curse the kissers if their actions are duplicitous, or if the spirit is feeling particularly contrary.

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