Blindsprings Page One Hundred and Seven
Posted Dec.09.14 at 12:04 am

A couple notes!

The Patreon for Blindsprings has hit it's first stretch goal! Guys, I know this is hard to believe, but we're going to have a CAST PAGE. No longer will people make jokes about "where is the cast page?" or "WHEN IS SOON." I know you enjoyed that a lot. I'm very sorry.

If you guys want to see me work on the cast page (probably won't have it on here until after the holidays) I will be posting sketches and finished character art/bios on the Patron page, so yeah!

Today marks the last help from Isa (of Namesake) though I ended up changing a bunch because I had things to imply. You know how much I love implying things, not telling. Imply, not show or tell.

I swear there was a third thing.

Oh right!  If you guys were interested in last update as a print, a big 11x17 poster size print of it is here on Hivemill and I will be making more things for the official store in the new year! If you're desperately wanting something, let me know in the comments!