Posted July 23, 2017 at 03:39 am

When I was in Brownies I won a screaming contest.


Anyway! Next page is up Thursday!

Sorry for the lateness this week, on wednesday we had a power surge which left half my electricity off and then later that day there was a fire in the apartment upstairs! Fun! (everything was ok in my apartment but one axe looked quite used after they put out the fire...)

In better news, I finally bought a new computer! I continue to suckle at Apples teat, which is, as usual, incredibly frustrating if you run into any issues. I have yet to set it up because I need to figure out how to get my cintiq (a dvi connection) into the new imac (zero dvi connection, zero adaptors made that seemingly work with the new imac-- about half the adaptors on amazon specifically state they dont work, and the ones that don't  list it I don't trust...) so I'm hoping to convert the dvi to hdmi to connect to apples hdmi adaptor that does work with new computer. I even called apple after looking extensively online, but they thought using the thunderbolt 3 to thunderbolt 2 connection daisychained into the connection I currently had would work BUT that is literally a thing that doesn't work, considering how low star rating the adaptor has and how many comments are "this specifically does not work to run screens on".


Anyway it's a nightmare, but the new computer will definitely speed up the lag and stutters that PS deals me hourly but I need some extra time to set it up. In other news, next page is when I hit bgs already drawn which means next update is way more finished than usual. Hooray! The extra work on the backend paying dividends!


I also meant to put up pictures for thursday's update like I said but with the fire mid week I totally forgot D: I'll have some up monday!