Millie always thought that her claim to fame was her loudness.
Posted Jul.23.17 at 03:39 am

When I was in Brownies I won a screaming contest.


Anyway! Next page is up Thursday!

Sorry for the lateness this week, on wednesday we had a power surge which left half my electricity off and then later that day there was a fire in the apartment upstairs! Fun! (everything was ok in my apartment but one axe looked quite used after they put out the fire...)

In better news, I finally bought a new computer! I continue to suckle at Apples teat, which is, as usual, incredibly frustrating if you run into any issues. I have yet to set it up because I need to figure out how to get my cintiq (a dvi connection) into the new imac (zero dvi connection, zero adaptors made that seemingly work with the new imac-- about half the adaptors on amazon specifically state they dont work, and the ones that don't  list it I don't trust...) so I'm hoping to convert the dvi to hdmi to connect to apples hdmi adaptor that does work with new computer. I even called apple after looking extensively online, but they thought using the thunderbolt 3 to thunderbolt 2 connection daisychained into the connection I currently had would work BUT that is literally a thing that doesn't work, considering how low star rating the adaptor has and how many comments are "this specifically does not work to run screens on".


Anyway it's a nightmare, but the new computer will definitely speed up the lag and stutters that PS deals me hourly but I need some extra time to set it up. In other news, next page is when I hit bgs already drawn which means next update is way more finished than usual. Hooray! The extra work on the backend paying dividends!


I also meant to put up pictures for thursday's update like I said but with the fire mid week I totally forgot D: I'll have some up monday!


I was recently informed that a bunch of you guys don't know what's going on, so I'm here to explain!

Blindsprings is running a Kickstarter!  There's 12 days to go! We've blown past all the main funding goals, so if you haven't picked up a book yet, now is a great time to do so! 

What have you been posting Kadi???

The past 6 pages have been from my comic contribution to Valor! It's 15 pages long!

Why are you posting this? Where's Blindsprings???

I have to go through 250 pages of content and fix some dumb errors, resize and send to Meg to put the book together. It's a lot of work and I changed my mind a lot about fonts and page sizes so it's a bit of a mess. In order to have content while I'm working on fixing stuff, I'm posting Vasilisa!

Why aren't you just doing more annotations?

I've run into a problem where all the stuff I want to do for annotations are spoilers for book 2-- it's hard to do annotations between books since a lot of what I started working on were better placed as actual content in the book. Also, it does take away a bunch of time-- although annotations are easier in the drawing department in THEORY I keep trying to one up myself and keep making really complicated annotations. Oops. 

I also have more time to devote to getting ready for book two. I was really afraid that with all the stuff I had to do this break I'd get to the end of annotations and have the book done but then have to take ANOTHER hiatus to work on book two. Because of Vasilisa I don't have to do that!!! I'm already halfway through my thumbnails for the prologue chapter of book 2!

Why April 25th???? That's so far away!!!

It is! But it's when I run out of pages for Vasilisa-- it would be weird to stop midway! This also gives me time to actually get a buffer started so I start book 2 as strong as I started book 1 (I had 12 pages of buffer!!!) which will help in the long run.

I hope this is a satisfactory update, I'm sorry if this was confusing! I thought I had mentioned this before but probably just in the comments and thought that was good enough (no Kadi that is not good enough oops)

I forgot I could do blog posts! I should have made one for the Kickstarter!!!!


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A bunch of people have been wondering what the wips that I had posted before posting the main pages looked like, and this is the best I can do-- I saved over them in my own files but they still exist in the gallery on here, so...enjoy!