Posted August 1, 2017 at 06:55 am

All my parts came in and I finally set up my computer! Everything is going well! For once! This page is only late because I have completely effed up my sleeping schedule and woke up at 5 pm today! At least that is easy to fix :)


I can't really begin to explain how ridiculously better this is. I inked two pages, bgs included, in a day. And sketches. And Gaia work. Today I finished a page and did Gaia work, and now I'm off to sketch for the KS bookplates.

I used to only be able to complete, barely, one of those tasks per day, because my computers lag would make me wait, and then I'd get distracted, and then who knows how long I'd be off task-- and once I returned to the task, sometimes it would lag again. Rinse, wash, repeat. AKA a nightmare.

Anyway, a positive start to the week!