Posted Jul.15.17 at 09:15 pm

A new page cometh!



In other news, I'm starting bookplates this week! I think Isa posted some designs on the Kickstarter page.

I want to apologize for all the delays, I definitely wasn't prepared for just how much work goes on before and after getting a book published-- not to mention this past year had been the least productive year I've ever had. I spent 2012-2016 never going home to see my family except at Christmas, and this year I have made a big effort to see people more often but I over-extended myself pretty drastically, especially in a year where I was sick for a good two months, which I am still feeling weak from to this day!!! I feel very guilty not putting up pages on time, which is why I haven't been posting the standby image as often, because it just made me feel worse. From now until October 5th I have NOTHING planned and literally every person in my family has visited me in the last month, so everything should move a lot smoother. Not to mention that I just ordered a new computer yesterday that should significantly increase the time I actually get to work on pages because currently photoshop lags often enough that I have to restart the program and my computer which really adds up. Last night my sister made an entire dinner while I struggled to get photoshop to let me colour eyes in, to give you an idea. A lot of sitting at my desk feeling frustrated.

Sorry for having such a slow year, I am really excited about the rest of this chapter and the rest of this book!!! I'll be running two pages a week for a bit (which is more than I was really doing for awhile, dangit) with the third (thursday) being bookplate sketches. 

Thank you all for sticking with me!