Blindsprings Page One
Posted October 31, 2013 at 12:00 am

Welcome, dear readers, to my new comic "Blindsprings"!  I do hope you enjoy your stay!

Some important information to let you new readers (the first of your kind!) know, before our regular updates commence next week!

A. Blindsprings is a long form comic, and not a gag of the week affair; I am entirely in awe of anyone who can create comedy weekly, daily or otherwise.

B. Blindsprings is a G rated comic (no sex/minimal violence/etc) which may ramp up as the story goes on, a la Harry Potter.

C. Blindsprings updates twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, one page per; today is special (three pages!!!)

D. Today is the sixth anniversary of when i first created this story/characters-- many things have changed, though Tammy's hair has remained the same.

E. The About/Extras section will be filled in more as we reach the end of chapter 2.  Generally my comic chapters will be around 30 pages long, some may go on further than the 30 page limit.

F. Big thanks to the Hiveworks crew, specifically Jojo and Erin and Isa and Kisai, for helping me with my website and everything else I didn't think I needed to think about.

Other than that, Happy Halloween to everyone, fill your bellies with delicious candy and have a safe and happy night with friends and family!