End of Chapter Four!!!
Posted July 14, 2015 at 07:45 am

Hurray! Chapter four has ended and I'm excited to be heading into the next set of annotation and this set is going to be a LITTLE DIFFERENT. (only this set though! Not a change of form as a whole)

So I've been juggling multiple jobs for a long time, and at the end of april, when I finished my last contract and went fulltime on Blindsprings, I spent a lot of time actually trying to live like a human being and not an automaton made to create comics and backgrounds etc. This set the comic back a bit, as I have never NOT been busy??? I have juggled 2-3 jobs since I was 14 so this is incredibly weird and I don't have good habits at all!!! And then I went to three pages a week which is great and something I wanted to do but now becuase I have extra time, I  overloaded myself with trying to make each page ridiculously good and ending up feeling disatisfied and drained from the exercise. And because I work full time from home I've led a dumb schedule which has forced each page to be late.


(don't worry, it's not bad)

This annotation season will probably go on for a bit longer than usual (possibly 3 weeks), with the majority of the updates first running through the CAST PAGES (a meme in it's own right) which I already have sketched out. This is so I can spend most of my time working on storyline, thumbnails and hopefully a buffer for the next chapter. I don't like working till five or six am, it gives me a tummy ache :( so this should help. 

Most of the late pages stemmed from me feeling rushed or disatisfied from a page, and it was almost always because I was sketching out thumbnails a week to a day in advance-- this time, I intend to have the entire chapter worked out and to hold myself to time limits. 

I appreciate all of your patience and support and I'm pleased I can finally fulfill your hopes and dreams of a cast page with information about each of the characters!

This also represents the end of the first book and I need to get the kickstarter stuff figured out but the webcomic takes precedence over the physical copies so I need to get this sorted first!